Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Moon Report

9 Sagittarius 31 Thurs. 12/1/05 10:01 AM EST

by: Cosmic Reflections

Ah! The possibilities are endless. The real need is to examine the opportunity carefully. Is it a pie in the sky scheme or the gold at the end of the rainbow you wish to pursue? How talented are you to pull it off or better yet how talented is the person that is trying to persuade you into going along for the ride? You better ask yourself if it’s worth taking the risk. For most of us though, this is a cycle of enjoying Holiday parties, Christmas shopping, decorating the house with shiny lights and ornaments.

Mercury Stationary Direct Sat. 12/3/05 9:24 PM EST

Yeah! Most of us look forward to Mercury going Direct. Thoughts and communication start to flow better. If you’ve been biting your tongue from speaking your mind, if you’re ready to reveal your feelings, be careful of spewing venom. Be calm and choose your words thoughtfully.

Mars Opposes Jupiter Sun. 12/4/05 7:47 PM EST

Be careful of hasty impetuous actions. It really is O.K. to say no when you already have a full plate to begin with. If you don’t say no, you may have a rough time in the next year fulfilling your obligations.

Mars Stationary Direct Fri. 12/9/05 11:04 PM EST

Mars has spent a long time in Taurus. It is a slow moving but steady energy. If you’ve been directing your energy since July 28th towards building something for your future, keep going. Stick to the plan. Have patience. If you’ve done your homework, you should begin to see the positive results.

Mercury Enters Sagittarius Mon. 12/12/05 4:19 PM EST

The planet of communication is moving into the sign of honesty and morals. It can cause one to be brutally honest and one may fall victim to open mouth insert foot disease. Listen up men: when your woman asks you if she looks fat in her new black and white dress, it’s not a good idea to blurt out “it makes you look like a cow!”

Full Moon 23 Gemini 48 Thurs. 12/15/05 11:00 AM

Make the best of your situation. Dream up new solutions that will make your life easier. It’s getting closer to Christmas and as the time nears, people get more stressed as they struggle to get shopping done. So chill out and enjoy the festivities. Your children are caught up in the fantasy. Why not see through their eyes and experience the joy and happiness?

Jupiter Squares Saturn Sat. 12/17/05 12:15 AM EST

Do you expand or do you stay where you are? Weigh all the facts before making any decisions. Jupiter is optimistic and Saturn is pessimistic. The challenge is “is the glass half empty or half full? ”Part of you wants to be Santa Claus and give and give and give…but then there is Scrooge sitting on your other shoulder: “To buy or not to buy, that is the question.” This is the first time this aspect occurs. The next 2 occur 6/22/06 and 10/25/06.

Sun Enters Capricorn Wed. 12/21/05 1:35 PM EST

This is the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year as the Sun reaches its’ fastest rate of speed. Now it’s time to feel the harsh reality as the Sun leaves the happy go lucky carefree sign of Sagittarius: “WOW!!!! Did I really put all those presents on my credit card? How am I going to pay for all of it?” Capricorn makes you face your responsibilities. But is it such a bad thing? There are many rewards for taking responsibility especially for your family. You don’t believe me you may say…

Venus Stationary Retrograde Sat. 12/24/05 4:36 AM EST

The planet of love is slowing down in Aquarius, the sign of humanity on Christmas Eve. What a lovely energy to reflect and send love, light and peace to Planet Earth. Christmas carols’ speak of good will towards men.


Mars Square Saturn Tues 12/27/05 7:08 PM EST

You may not feel like doing very much. Be careful of physical exercise. Your muscles may tighten and cause you to pull a muscle or tendon. If you must exercise make sure you don’t forget your stretching exercises.


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