Saturday, June 04, 2005

New Moon June 6, 2005

New Moon Report

16 Gemini 16 Mon. June 6, 2005 5:55 PM EDT

By: Cosmic Reflections

Gemini loves its’ freedom of thought & movement. This New Moon asks you to take the time to slow down a moment to focus on what you want, where you are going, sift through the data for important facts, take responsibility and take a more mature approach to life. Use your intellect for making your decisions not your emotions. Rational thinking is required to produce the results you desire.

Mercury Opposes Pluto Tues. June 7 11:41 PM

This can produce obsessive thinking, As you are trying out new ideas for a project be careful not to get stuck on one thought that may not even relate to the situation. Be careful of letting anyone talk you into something you know you shouldn’t. You could get into a heated debate with someone with neither party backing down and no one wins.

Mercury Squares Mars Fri. June 10 5:18 PM

Venus Squares Jupiter 7:38 PM

Watch your tongue. You maybe feeling grouchy and want to bite somebody’s head off but it could backfire on you and your feelings could be hurt. You are likely feeling on the defensive. Then after the fight you’re ready for a drink – careful could be a bit too much. This is not good energy for dieters. Jupiter loves excess. If you don’t drink it could be an expensive shopping spree.

Mercury Enters Cancer Sat. June 11 3:03 AM

Cancer is a nurturing sign. Mom wants to make sure everyone has enough to eat. So for those of you yesterday that were eating after the fight, you’ll really be thinking of all the yummy fattening food you love to eat. I suggest you quickly turn your thoughts to healthy foods. Just think, chocolate – 10 lbs., salad 0 lbs. I know of course if I said salad with no fat dressing, there’s no hope of getting that chocolate - chocolate raspberry cheesecake out of your head. Also if you don’t like where you are living, you may start thinking about wanting a new place to live.

Mars Enters Aries Sat. June 11 10:29 PM

Oh boy – talk about fighting energy. Mars goes into its’ ruling sign. Here comes the warrior within. This is acting on impulse and not thinking about the consequences of your actions. Let’s take action right now – who cares what action – just let’s do it – go for it baby. WOW didn’t I mention at the beginning of the New Moon to use your intelligence and not your emotion? So far this month it seems like the energy isn’t helping you do that does it? You may be defensive – get into a barroom brawl – eating donuts for comfort food. But I do have some good news. Mars in Aries can get bored quickly. This too shall pass.

Uranus Retrograde Tues. June 14 6:41 PM

Great time to tune into your Higher Consciousness and listen to your intuition. Could be a very insightful day.

Sun Enters Cancer Tues. June 21 2:46 AM

Summer Solstice

This is the first and longest day of summer. When the Sun is in Cancer, it is a good time for introspection and traveling down memory lane, retreat from life’s hectic schedule. Your maternal instincts may kick in and your compassionate side may help a friend in need.

Full Moon 0 Capricorn 51 Wed. June 22 12:14 AM

Time to claim your power. Show others your leadership skills. Stand up for what you believe in.

Mars Opposes Jupiter Sat. June 25 9:02 PM

It would be wise not to overestimate what you are capable of doing. Be careful of overexerting or overextending yourself. Don’t say yes to everything that comes your way. It’s a sure road to exhaustion that could lead to carelessness that causes accidents.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Sat. Jun 25 10:58 PM

You may find yourself having to take responsibility for your partner or a family member. Your Money maybe tight. You may have to spend your money on something practical and not something fun.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn Sun. June 26 6:58 AM

This is a good time for serious thought. If you have any matters that need concentration that need completion sit down and figure it out. Try to finish before June 28.

Mercury Enters Leo Tues. Jun 28 12:01 AM

Venus Enters Leo 1:53 AM

The mind has a strong will in Leo. If the serious matters you’ve been dealing with aren’t completed yet, you’ll either have the determination to continue or your thoughts may roam to things that Leo really loves to do and that’s to party and go to the beach. You could feel like being creative. The ladies may feel like dressing up, wearing their expensive jewelry and having a little romance spice up their life.