Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mercury Retrograde

Well the first Mercury Retrograde story came in & it just started today. My friend Kathys' computer is down, she dropped one of her phones and cracked it & it doesn't work & her furnace is acting up. She has an Astrology class tonight & is afraid to leave in case it has something to do with the pilot light. I usually don't have too much trouble with Mercury Retrograde as I have it in my chart natally-I live with it all the time. One of the ways it seems to effect me is that I seem to remember what I should have said after the fact. That really bugs me.


I was encouraged to start a blog by my friend Toby who is in marketing & my web designer Bonnie. I have been talking about getting a website up forever. So I decided in July to reconnect with someone I talked to a long time ago at an Astrology conference. Unfortunately my dear friend got hit hard by 2 Hurricanes in Florida. So hopefully it will be up & running soon. She recommended the blog to link to my website for Astrological questions-discussions-sky watch info-current energy patterns & various other tidbits and calling it Paula Ponders. This isn't meant for questions that turn into readings about whether your boyfriend is coming back. That's what a consultation is for.
Anyway I decided I better get something up before Mercury goes Retrograde at 26 Sagitterius 44 at 7:17 am EST-Tues. Nov. 30, 2004. It goes Direct at 12 Sag. 27. Dec. 20 at 1:28 am EST. I know alot of people out there have at least heard of that term. The planet appears to be going backwards because it's orbit is slowing down so the energy doesn't flow as easily when it is in Direct motion. Mercury has to do with communication, transportation, computers. So often during this cycle snafus occur in these areas. There are often misunderstandings which is why it is not advisable to sign contracts if you don't have to or start something. It is a good time however to re everything ie: redo, rethink your plan, reorganize, reconnect-this is a great time if you're in sales to recall old clients.
Well hopefully this will be a good format for meeting clients & friends who enjoy my enthusiasm in Astrology.