Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Aromatherapy kills Staph and E-Coli!!!

My friend Kandiss sent me this article the other day about Aromatherapy kills Staph and E-Coli!!!I just love to hear good things about alternative medicine. I found it very interesting. Go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4116053.stm

Nice Venus Trine Sun Xmas

It's been awhile since my last post. The holidays kept me hopping. Now I have to get back to business & work on finishing my website.
So how did your Xmas holidays go? I had Transiting Venus trine my Sun. It's great energy for socializing. I was up at 8:45 am & barely sat down till 10:30 pm. My kids would have loved it if I would have been up earlier. I had 10 people at the dinner table. It's alot of work but I had fun entertaining. Besides I have to have Xmas dinner for my 3 Jewish friends. This year I do have a story to tell. I had the sweet potatoes & stuffing in the oven in Anchor Hocking glass bake pans. All of a sudden the sweet potatoes dish exploded & there were flames shooting in the oven. Luckily my husband mananged to put the fire out quickly. We couldn't eat either dish. There were pieces of glass in the stuffing & the sweet potatoe pan was shattered. I usually stuff the turkey but this year I just had a turkey breast & couldn't stuff the bird. Oh well we still had way too much food. It was more sad because of all the work. We cleaned most of it the next day. The bottom of the oven still needs some more cleaning so I don't know if the oven works or not yet. I do not have an Astrological reason for this occurence.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Sorry No New Posts Lately

I've been very busy with the holidays-shopping & getting ready for Christmas dinner. I also have out of town relatives visiting. I really hope to get things moving after the first of the year. Mercury Retrograde story-last Thurs. I was asked to pick up the speaker for the Astrology Society meeting up at the hotel. I got directions from Kathy the VP & I knew I should have called the hotel before I left but I didn't. I got off on the wrong Paces Ferry exit-wrong freeway-stuck in traffic but I mananged to get us there 5 minutes to spare. I heard another one. The same day my friend Toby was going to Seattle for a conference and wasn't paying attention to the time. There was an accident on the freeway. She took the back way and parked in the more expensive lot and managed to get there with minutes to spare but her luggage didn't there.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Mars Return

I have something good for me going on in my chart today. I have a Mars Return at 16 Scorpio 48. A Return is when the Transiting planet-in the current sky-comes back to the same position in your natal chart. Mars has to with how you direct your energy and what you desire in life. It takes Mars approx. 2.2 years to go around the zodiac. So I get to start a new 2 year cycle. It's a good time to redefine what I want to do, make new goals or start a new project. For me I think it's continuing this Blog which I just started last week. to add to the website & to continue doing consultations & aquire more clients. I hope to expand on what I'm already doing. Sounds exciting to me. I'm up to learning new things. I'm supposed to be starting a priestess class in Feb. 2005.
Mars in Scorpio is very powerful healing energy. Alot of Astrologers & healers have strong Scorpio energy in their charts. I usually have very good ability to recouperate quickly but I've been dealing with alot of lower back pain for about 5 months which is way too long. So hopefully after the series of shots that I've had I'll get over it. Actually It finally feels like it's really getting better. I still can't sit or stand for too long bu I feel like there's been some progress.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wow Website up!!!!!!

I just checked my email. My web designer Bonnie that I mentioned in my first post sent me an email stating that she sent me something which I must have deleted or missed during the Holidays that she put more up on my website. Now I have a visual & somehwhere to go with it. I'm so excited! Check it out. If you have any suggestions Please Please Please let me know how I can improve it. Thanks to a great job Bonnie-looking good!

What triggers Retrogrades?

In re: to Kathy's ? about what triggers a retrograde? Well I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that. But what comes to mind is that I think you might mean why some effect you as opposed to others? Let's just stick with Mercury for now. I think alot of Astrologers put too much fear into it & make too much of it. I'm not saying you shouldn't pay attention but sometimes due to circumstances you just can't put your life on hold & you have to proceed with business, but if you can wait till the cycle is over it has a better chance of working out. That's why electional charts are so hard to do. It's really hard to find that perfect chart. No matter how hard you try you can't take a planet from one part of the sky to another. Electional Astrology is where you try to plan an event to start at the right time. I think the degree the planet is going Retrograde has alot to do whether it hits your chart has alot to do with whether your going to feel it more than somenone else or if it's a strong planet or not. So for mercury, Gemini's & Virgo's might be more sensitive. I'm not really sure that touches on your question-let me know.