Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Moon Report Oct. 3, 2005

Solar Eclipse 10 Libra 19 Mon. Oct. 3, 2005 6:25 AM EDT

This is intense energy with an emphasis on relationship issues. The Lunar Eclipse on Oct. 17 is in Aries. Aries and Libra are the relationship axis. It is about the relationship with the self versus the relationship with others. If you have had major difficulties with others, this could be the deal breaker one way or the other. Things may have been brewing for sometime. There was another Solar Eclipse in Aries in April. Try to find balance between your rational mind and your emotional reactions. Listen to what others are saying. Try your best to see their side of the story. Be the teacher as well as the student. You may part ways or you’ll have a new understanding on how to deal with each other. Learn new negotiating skills to solve the problems.

Venus Enters Sagittarius Fri. Oct. 7 9:00 PM EDT

Go on a date to a sporting event or go to the movies and see a foreign film. Learn something new about a different culture.

Mercury Enters Scorpio Sat. Oct. 8 1:15 PM EDT

The planet of communication moves into the sign of secrecy. What is the underlying issue that the other person isn’t revealing? The real meaning of the message may be hidden. You probably won’t be interested in listening to anything superfluous. If you have major planning to undertake, this is a good time for implementing your research skills.

Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon 24 Aries 13 Mon. Oct. 17 8:14 AM EDT

Pick your battles carefully. Decide the issues to fight over are the ones that are worth fighting for. Co-workers maybe irritable so watch your temper. It’s important to air out the differences, just watch your tone. Transformative Pluto forms a harmonious trine to the eclipse so take the opportunity to gain insight into yourself and others. Live up to your promises.

Sun Enters Scorpio Sun. Oct. 23 3:43 PM EDT

This is a good time to ask yourself “What is my passion? Am I living the life I really want?” Create the life you truly desire. Take time out of your busy day to reflect. Take care of yourself and heal the parts of your life and your body that need healing.

Jupiter Enters Scorpio Tues. Oct. 25 10 53 PM EDT

Jupiter will be in the sign of Scorpio until Nov. 2006. This could be a good time for getting your finances in order. Learn to be more resourceful. You maybe overly optimistic if investing. Play it smart, pay attention to the details, do your research and use integrity.

Neptune Stationary Direct Wed. Oct. 26 7:27 PM

Extend yourself to someone in need. Neptune rules compassion and water. This would be a good time to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita or any other worthy cause. Also now that you’ve been in touch with your resourcefulness, it’s time to make your dreams come true.

Mercury Enters Sagittarius Sun. Oct. 30 4:03 AM

Speak your mind but be careful not to catch open mouth insert foot disease. Honesty may not always be the best policy. Choose what you say carefully or you may hurt someone’s feelings. This is a good time to take a class and learn something new.