Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Moon Report 8/4/05

New Moon Report
12 Leo 48 11:05 PM Thurs. 8/4/05
By: Cosmic Reflections

If you’re tired and stressed out, this would be the time to give yourself a much-deserved break. Slow down, take the time to be introspective about your life. What have you accomplished? Is it time for a change or should you be steadfast and stick with what you are doing. Journal your favorite memories, and your not so favorite ones to reflect on what you have learned. Then you can proceed to plan for your future. Just don’t make any major decisions until after Aug. 15 when Mercury goes Direct as you may change your mind later. Take a serious look at what the consequences will be if you do make a change.

Venus Square Pluto 4:51 AM 8/10

This planetary contact is not easy for relationships. Don’t expect your partner to respond in kind if you try to manipulate or force you will on them. If you expect them to respect your opinion, don’t brow beat them until they give in. Instead of love you’ll end up with them resenting you.

Mercury Stationary Direct 11:51PM Mon. 8/15

Yeah! I don’t know how this Mercury Retrograde cycle has affected you, but it certainly has been filled with a lot of snafus for me. I’ve run the gamut of Mercury ruled things like printer, telephone, Internet, tape recorder, travel, car & communication woes. Actually it’s been interesting and I must also say a humorous cycle. Mercury went Retrograde 7/22. As of this writing 7/29, it’s 2 weeks and 3 days to go! Mercury’s energy resumes course and communication should improve. You may be able to concentrate and focus you thoughts more clearly now. Don’t be pigheaded. Be willing to listen to other points of view.

Venus Enters Libra 11:05PM Tues. 8/16

Take a break from work. A trip to the theatre, art gallery or concert would be satisfying and highly stimulating. Don’t forget to take a friend along. You probably wouldn’t have much fun alone. Libra loves to socialize.

Full Moon 26 Aquarius 50 1:53PM 8/19

Stop and smell the flowers. Life can get way too complicated. You can find yourself in a state of confusion that complicates things further and you end up with a bigger mess. Start by simplifying your situation. It helps if you slow down long enough to notice the little things in life like the beauty of a bouquet of flowers. Eliminate the things that are weighing heavily on your shoulders. Sometimes we make our lives much more complicated than they have to be.

Sun enters Virgo 8:46PM 8/22

Now that you have a new plan, this is good mental energy to organize your thoughts. Make a to do list of all the things you wish to accomplish. Don’t criticize yourself if you don’t get it all done in one day. Virgo energy is very useful for cleaning your closets. If you don’t feel like doing it, pay a Virgo friend to do it for you.

Mercury Square Mars 9:30PM Thurs. 8/25

Communications are likely to have a slight touchy tone. Be careful of what you say especially at work. Somebody just may take offense and bite your head off. Others may test your patience to see just how far they can push you. It’s better to count to 10 and walk away. Clear your head before you speak. If you find yourself agitated, it’s best not to drive. Road rage and impatience are definitely not a good combination for getting into an accident.

Mercury Opposes Neptune 4:30PM Fri. 8/26

You could have misunderstandings. Mental clarity may not be as sharp as usual. Those of you at work will likely spend the day daydreaming about weekend plans. You may experience weird conversations, or you may feel anxiety if you can’t solve any dilemmas you are facing.

Mars Square Neptune 3:44AM Sun. 8/28

Don’t take the easy way out. This energy can represent deception. Luckily it’s a Sun. Plan on sleeping in. Your energy level may not be too high.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter 07:30PM Thurs. 9/1

If you can socialize take the opportunity to do so. This is very pleasant energy. If you are single it’s a good time to meet someone. If you feel lucky, buy a lottery ticket.

Pluto Stationary Direct 6:44AM Fri. 9/2

If you’ve been hiding anything from others, this transformational energy that likes to keep things buried has the need to see the light of day. Perhaps now is the time to come clean.